Your Views: Dairy cows deserve better treatment in Wisconsin

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reading a recent article in The Gazette about a large and toxic manure spill in Wisconsin, I became incensed. The article referred to CAFOs and animal units. CAFOs apparently refer to farms with massive numbers of animals, probably dairy cows.

I was angry because my native state, whose farmers can honestly claim they help feeding the world, looks to be stooping to something I feel is almost evil. It’s mistreating the animals that feed us.

Yes, I know eating an animal is hardly an act of love, and I eat meat, but my excuse is that they get to live for awhile and during that time should be treated as before CAFOs. Cows should be allowed to graze in pastures, as is done still on many Wisconsin farms.

Cows should not be stuck in huge barns, free to move in limited spaces, well fed, well vetted, (It would be economic suicide to do otherwise), but never allowed to kick up their heels in the great natural outdoors or to feel the sun.

This is wrong! CAFO is another name for factory farm!

Wisconsin is, not so gradually, turning toward factory farms because mass production is more profitable and they help feed more people. It’s still wrong, and another way should be found. What was impossible yesterday is done today, and we can aim for that.

By the way, I despise the term animal units. They’re living creatures, not objects without feelings. Act better on this fact!



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