Your Views: You’ve received gift of Jesus; share your gift with others

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This gift is priceless yet free. No standing in lines at crazy hours. No need for money, credit, debit cards or coupons. This gift is eternal, available 24/7, 365 days a year. We can and should share it. It’s the real gift of Christmas, Jesus Christ. Once you accept this gift, it keeps giving. This giving comes from your heart, not your pocketbook. Christmas isn’t just Dec. 25. The spirit should fill our lives daily We received the gift of Christmas so we could give to others. Let’s look at a few ways we can share the love of Jesus daily.

-- Tell someone you love them.

-- Give someone a smile.

-- Comfort someone who’s hurting.

-- Visit the sick or lonely (you don’t need the Christmas season as an excuse).

-- Help the homeless (GIFTS shelter).

-- Deliver Meals on Wheels.

-- Feed the poor (ECHO, Salvation Army, a neighbor).

-- Volunteer for the Salvation Army or American Red Cross.

-- Pray for or with someone.

-- Help the elderly.

-- Encourage someone.

-- Praise someone.

-- Support our military, police, firefighters, politicians, teachers, clergy, physicians, nurses, caretakers, employers and one another.

-- Give the gift of quality time with your spouse, children, friends. This is one of the most wonderful gifts.

God blessed us with the most valuable gift of Jesus. Find it and give it away. Need help finding it? Check with your church. If you don’t have one, shop for one. There are no waiting lines or hassles. God bless us everyone, daily.



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