Our Views: City, foundation have maintained playground

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

I would like to correct something I read in Friday’s Web Views in regards to “Another Janesville attraction that is not maintained.”

Playgrounds of this nature normally hold up only 15 years; during the walk-through with the architect, it was noted that this playground had exceeded expectations in way of maintenance. The On-Site Playground Evaluation and Report from Leathers and Associates, N.Y., states: “Kudos to the Janesville Park District maintenance staff for doing a great job of keeping this playground maintained for all those years and providing a safe environment for kids to play! It is evident that the community takes great pride in CAMDEN Park.”

Not only has the city worked on maintaining the playground, but CAMDEN Foundation has also, seeking volunteers to help keep it up. The next time the playground needs maintenance work, I suggest this person and others come out and help because the foundation and city workers have been maintaining it and rarely get volunteers to help.

So to correct matters, CAMDEN Playground has been maintained by the city and the foundation. I hope when it comes to rebuilding this playground, used by an estimated 1.3 million kids since 1993, all will be there to help, and at following workdays, also.



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