Your Views: Our country depends on you to save democracy

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our country is depending on us to get the tea party crazies out of Congress. We hold the key to doing this. We must vote Paul Ryan out of office. This man does not represent us. He’s too busy catering to billionaires.

Don’t be deceived by Ryan’s photogenic smile. He is a master strategist for the tea party, a Republican opinion leader planning ruthless strategies to protect the wealthy while hurting us. He thinks starving the cow will increase milk production. Any dairy farmer can assure you that’s a good way of killing off the herd.

Ryan is an apostle of greed and self-interest, a devotee to atheist Ayn Rand. His unspoken goal is returning to the aristocracy of the Middle Ages, when the wealthy ruled and lived lavishly by exploiting starving serfs whom they disdained.

We deserve better, a Congress committed to the common good of all Americans. That means a skilled work force capable of buying American products. The biggest driver of our economy has always been American buying power. Ryan doesn’t get it. He and his friends the Koch brothers think they know how to run the country, which means making the wealthy wealthier.

We need real representation, a listener, collaborator, analyst and problem solver committed to every American’s best interests. If we fail to oust Ryan, he and his tea party cronies will make us all serfs.



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