Sound Off for Sunday, Dec. 1, 2013

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

On sidewalks: Anyone with disabilities should demand sidewalks and repairs of those that are hazardous. The city needs to be aware of ADA specifications. Years ago, an Appleton woman forced many businesses and the city to conform to ADA specifications. We don’t have to walk in the streets. You live in the city. If you don’t want a sidewalk, move to the country.

-- After watching the Nov. 26 meeting, I must compliment Councilman Marklein on his in-depth homework on sidewalks and recommendations. Thanks to the sensible thinking of Councilmen Severson, Fitzgerald, Liebert and Farrell, many Janesville citizens were served. Obviously Councilpersons Kealy and Voskuil do not serve the citizens.

-- Our council president (Voskuil) suggested not many people were concerned about sidewalks. Well, I’m one that is concerned. I don’t want them. I’m 80 and would have been at that meeting, but it went on so long there was no way I could wait for them to get to sidewalks. They should have gotten to that first. I appreciate council members who didn’t vote for them.

On good Samaritans: I’d like to thank the person who turned in my billfold at Kmart a couple of weeks ago. There are still good people in this world.

--  As a veteran of World War II who served in New Guinea and the Philippines, I want to thank the lady who picked up our check at the restaurant on Thanksgiving. God bless you.

On Iran: President Obama is saying we’re not going to let Iran get a nuclear weapon. Wasn’t this the same man who told you if you liked your health care you could keep it and your doctor and that your premiums were going down and that an anti-Muslim video caused the Benghazi massacre? Why should we believe one thing this man says?

-- This president believes Iran will stick to this deal. They’re going to get billions of dollars in assets, get everything they need on their six-month trial and walk. He’s obviously never heard of the frog and scorpion; it is in their nature to hate us. This guy is clueless and should be impeached.

On misusing entitlements: It would be nice if instead of people who needed the entitlements getting a credit card to use for everything and anything they were given vouchers for certain foods that are healthy for their family.

On cartoon about Democrats: The cartoon on Page 7A Tuesday showing the birth of the Democratic Party at the first Thanksgiving was outstanding. The reason it’s funny is because all good humor has an element of truth.

-- This is a new low for The Gazette picturing the lazy Democrat sitting down saying “when do we eat?” and the wonderful Republicans cooking and cleaning and getting the fire going. There are wonderful Democrats out there, too, not just lazy ones.

On bypass: Signage on the new Highway 26 bypass of Milton is clear. The letter writer who ended up in Fort Atkinson should maybe pay more attention next time.

On Gov. Walker: He often says the last few years of Gov. Doyle led to debt and unemployment, which is true, but he fails to mention 47 other states had the same problem. They call it the massive George W. Bush recession. Thank you, President Obama, for bringing us out of another Republican recession.

-- Just remember what Walker promised in his first run and what he really did. He is trying to change his image. Don’t be fooled by his “we must move forward and not look back.” Looking back is what we have to do to see what he and his big-money cronies have done to Wisconsin.

On Obamacare: A Sound Off caller stated his employer told him health care costs are going to remain the same next year. That’s because the employer mandate has been delayed a year. It won’t be until next fall that you get whacked.

On teachers: If people think teachers have it so easy, why don’t they spend the thousands of dollars to become one? All this teacher bashing is causing teachers to leave town. I have talked to several teachers graduating from college who are not staying here.

On Thanksgiving: I almost got a hernia picking up The Gazette off my porch Wednesday with all the ads for Black Friday, except that a lot stores were opening on Thanksgiving. Abraham Lincoln must be turning over in his grave over the corporate greed this national holiday has become. How sad.

On deer hunt: I saw more DNR airplanes than deer opening weekend. I am going to take my hard-earned money and hunt out of state next year.

On GIFTS Men’s Shelter: In a Nov. 24 Sound Off, a person called the shelter and got a homeless person to do yard work. Put the number in the paper so others could call and do that same thing. I would love to get someone to paint.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Call the shelter at 608-371-3735 or 608-728-0140.

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