Sound Off for Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

On teachers: The article Sunday clearly explains the turmoil and chaos found in the Janesville School District. Union President Dave Parr and Sen. Tim Cullen have offered solutions. Will “nothing wrong” Superintendent Schulte and the isolated board of education finally act?

-- Why are teachers leaving? Take one look at your superintendent, who is more interested in going to China and bringing people here than she is in Janesville.

-- Maybe they are leaving because of Parr, the Janesville Education Association president. I have never read a positive comment from him in The Gazette.

-- Steve Sperry, district human resources director, has his head in the sand.

-- The definition of a great teacher is one who puts children above their raises and pension.

On voter fraud: Just tell all those people who can’t figure out how to get an ID that they have won a prize and need an ID to collect it; problem solved.

-- Sunday’s Sound Off caller referring to the KKK and then the Democratic Party sounds like they have a lot of hate in their heart and their soul. I wish they would get down on their knees and get to know Jesus because that hate would go away immediately.

-- Republicans have become paranoid concerning elderly, minority and student voting rights. It certainly is not the fact that voter fraud is nonexistent; it’s just plain factual they will stop at nothing to curtail the vote.

On phy ed: Last Wednesday’s Gazette reported on lack of physical education in the nation. Thursday’s reported the Janesville School Board is considering changing PE credits if a student goes out for a sport. How will that help obesity and rising heart disease? Board members should visit classes and see physical skills, teamwork and sportsmanship being taught.

On JFK: He said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” I wonder what he would think of the help the country is giving to each individual through food stamps and other programs.

-- Kennedy does not deserve all these loving memories. He screwed up the Bay of Pigs agreement. He got us into Vietnam with his politicking. Let’s add historical facts to these memories.

On presidential politics: Who was the last president that was a college dropout?

On bike trail: Finally the city got the fence up at Wright Road and Highway 14. It looks great.

On Thanksgiving sales: Corporate greed is bringing Thanksgiving Day sales. You want to have a sale, try doing it Friday afternoon. Let everyone stay home with their families on Thanksgiving.

On leaf pickup: Just wondering why the city waits to the last minute. Take a couple people from the parks department, send them out with the equipment and start cleaning leaves immediately. It’s a shame. Clean the city faster, and clean it more often.

On Obamacare: A caller in Sunday’s Sound Off mentions rising rates. The small-business owner I work for informed me that our rates are staying the same next year.

On foreign students: Congratulations to UW-Rock County and Rock County Christian School of Beloit for their partnership to serve Chinese students. Their low-key stay-at-home recruiting approach paid dividends. Janesville Superintendent Schulte’s junkets to China are open to question again.

-- Build a dormitory to house Chinese students? Seriously? Let’s take care of our own American homeless students first.

On Traxler Park plans: Regarding Page 1A Monday, how could the city build in a flood plain but nobody else can? More bathrooms in a flood plain? That should be good.

On redistricting: Regarding Page 3A Monday, Democrats want action on redistricting because they are no longer in power. For years Democrats were in power, and redistricting was just fine. Now that the other party is in power, the rules need to change.

On sidewalks: If I have to put sidewalks in, the neighbors should have to help pay for half of them. They’re going to use them and don’t have to maintain or clean them. That would be fair all the way around that way.

On helpful people: While carrying a box and attempting to enter the post office on Saturday, I began having heart and respiratory problems. A very kind gentleman dropped his packages and took my box and delivered it to the clerk. I praised him over and over for his great concern and kindness.

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