Your Views: Filibuster change completes power grab by Democrats

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Monday, November 25, 2013

We, the people, have just had a 225-year Senate rule voided on us. The Democratic- controlled Senate decided to do away with the 60-vote rule for confirmations and filibusters to advance an agenda based on executive order and bureaucratic rule. Our concept of the Senate and its procedures to cool legislation was set down originally by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Obstinately, the Obama administration was being prevented from increasing the number of judges in the underworked Washington, D.C., federal court from eight to 11. This court mainly deals with the constitutionality of federal regulations and executive orders. The administration has had many of its dictates overturned by this court and now wants to “pack it” with judges biased to its rule by decree. The vote to change to the 60-vote rule was made along party lines, the same Democratic Party vote that gave us the failing Obamacare.

This rule change will do away with the administration’s inconvenience of having to select for appointments competent and somewhat impartial judges and agency heads who will have long-term effects on the way we conduct our lives. Party loyalists who reflect their bias and agenda will now be confirmed. No vetting or negotiation within the Senate need be allowed.

The administration and Senate have now completed this power grab, and advancement of the progressive agenda by agency and executive rule can begin. We, the people, will have no legislative or judicial defense against capricious command-and-control regulation by this administration.



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