Your Views: Tea party would destroy middle-class way of life

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Friday, November 22, 2013

The GOP/tea party couldn’t care less. Their muddled goal is to destroy the U.S. economy, the Constitution, our leadership in the world and our whole middle-class way of life.

Why else would they do nothing to help jobs, immigration, education, energy and farm policy? Why else would they destroy the fragile safety net that keeps people from dropping into destitution? Why else would they refuse to confirm judges and officials needed by the current administration for the last five years? Why else would they divide and conquer with an uncivil word war that misleads, distorts and obstructs truth at every turn? Why else would they impose austere debt control at the worst possible time?

Rather that learn from Nobel Prize-winning economists and history, they plan to run the economy from a book of fiction: Their Ayn Rand trumps reality. Like Humpty Dumpty in action, they’ve already cost us an estimated 2 million jobs through obstruction and $700 billion in revenue. Yes, address the debt, but do it when the economy is booming. So, get the economy booming!

They’re usurping freedom of religion with their Taliban brand of convictions they want to impose on everyone. Their allegiance is to the moneyed few, whom they want to anoint as leaders because they are proven money-grubbers. Money tops freedom every day in their world. The tea (Techted Enough Already) party is a clear and present danger with nothing constructive to offer and a carelessness to match.



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