Your Views: Know the facts about Parkview School District’s proposals

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Some individuals seem inclined to criticize without knowing the facts. This is the case with Bill Redmer.

Mr. Redmer has been invited to visit Parkview and attend our community meetings, and he has declined. Now Mr. Redmer is printing inaccurate information about Parkview’s long-range facility proposal. Contrary to Mr. Redmer’s comments, the facility committee is recommending the community approve $17 million over 20 years to build a much-needed new junior high/high school and convert the existing PJH/HS into a 4K-6 school. The committee also recommends levying $350,000 a year for three years to offset the declining revenue that Mr. Redmer mentioned.

Mr. Redmer mentioned the cost to update the schools is $1.09 million. Had Mr. Redmer attended Parkview meetings, he would have learned that $1.09 million is the cost for minimal improvements to only Parkview Primary School. The committee’s plan will close Parkview Primary and invest the $1.09 million into newer facilities. Minimal upgrades to all three schools will cost in excess of $7 million. Sinking $7 million into 50-year-old buildings is not a wise use of community funds.

The cost of these proposals, as stated at our meeting, would be $262 per year for 20 years for a home valued at $100,000 and $89 a year for three years on a home valued at $100,000 to help offset the declining district budget.

The gloomy financial figures for the Parkview district will most likely get worse if we continue to shortchange our facilities.



Parkview School District


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