Poor teaching was reason given for Zhengnan "Charles" Shi's firing

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Gazette staff
Thursday, November 21, 2013

Earlier versions of "Student editors face legal exposure," published Nov. 10, 2013; and "Our Views: UW-Whitewater acting too late to help student editor," published Nov. 13, 2013, did not accurately report the circumstances that led to UW-Whitewater professor Zhengnan "Charles" Shi being banned from campus in 2011 and fired in 2012.

According to court documents and Shi, this is the proper series of events:

-- In 2010, Shi was accused of making threatening statements and was investigated by local and federal law enforcement officials, who found no reason to arrest him.

-- In February or March 2011, Shi was banned from campus, apparently in connection with the same allegations involving threatening statements. These statements were later found to be without merit. The ban was lifted in December 2011.

-- In 2012, UW-Whitewater fired Shi. Chancellor Richard Telfer cited poor teaching as the reason for Shi's dismissal. Shi rejects that characterization of his teaching and is contesting his firing in court. The case has not been resolved.

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