Sound Off for Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

On Obamacare: Now Obama wants to delay millions of people who like their insurance from losing it for one more year. Does he think they will be happy when they lose it next year? His goal is to delay the pain until after the mid-term election.

-- Why would anyone take any kind of advice from Kathleen Sebelius? Incompetency is not her middle name; it’s her first.

-- So the president says he’s sorry now, but he doesn’t say what for. He’s sorry you got yourself in this predicament. Imagine your spouse catches you in a motel with another person, and you say to them, “Gee, sorry you found yourself in this predicament.”

-- All local Republicans with their heads in the sand be aware that because of Gov. Walker’s decision to play politics with children’s health care and refuse the federal Medicaid money, my kids don’t get to go to the doctor when they’re sick and our family’s finances are on the way to bankruptcy. Your Republican strategy has no logic and is cruel.

-- In her column on Page 7A Nov. 11, Kathleen Parker tries to claim that the reason people were lied to by the Obama administration on health care is because if they were told the truth it would just be too complicated for some to understand. No, Kathleen, they were lied to so Democrats could pass their bill—no other reason.

-- This change by Obama isn’t about helping you with your health care problem; it’s also about deflecting criticism from his administration and his party over to the insurance companies. You see, the evil insurance companies won’t let you keep your plan; the president says you could. Yeah, right.

On lap swimming: Referring to last Wednesday’s editorial, the issue is how much should users pay for their recreation on city property. Doesn’t this also apply to bicyclists with all of these lanes, which have to be a bigger expense than any other recreation in Janesville? Most of them don’t even get bicycle licenses. Doesn’t it make sense they pay something?

On mascot: I’m referring to the front-page article Nov. 15 concerning Milton’s Redmen controversy. What would news organizations use to fill space if there were no mascot controversies? Never fear. Next on the chopping block will be the Parker Viking mascot when Scandinavians complain about this offensive symbol.

On state politics: Gov. Walker is trying to curb voter ID and Medicaid fraud, so why is this an uphill fight? I’ll bet Democrats know why.

On Black Friday: We’ve been doing our Christmas shopping for 25 years in October. We don’t have to worry about the big Christmas rush.

On closing tavern: The closing of Quotes is only going to spread all the drunks and the people who want to scrap and fight to every bar in town. Quotes has been a very good place to go. Regarding your website showing the video, this is pretty tasteless and bad coming from the paper and from the city.

On plastic guns: I just saw something on the news about plastic guns. I would like to know where people get off telling criminals how to make this kind of a gun. You are so goofy.

On Benghazi: Regarding Sunday’s Sound Off, Benghazi was not a result of budget cuts. Troops were ready to help those under fire at the embassy. They were told to stand down even though Ambassador Stevens had repeatedly asked for help. This was an atrocity that never should have been allowed to happen and had nothing to do with budget cuts.

On JFK: If he were alive and held the same views as in 1960, he’d be in the Republican Party and be positioned to the right of John McCain. Second, he was barely elected; the race was nearly as close as Gore vs. Bush. Third, he was in political trouble when assassinated and might not have won re-election.

On casinos: Why is it that Wisconsinites are not allowed to build casinos? We could probably build them ourselves and pay our taxes for schools, roads, etc., and let the public decide whether they want to go to Indian reservations or just to regular casinos.

On mowing: Street cleaners no more than go by and people start mowing their grass right back out again into the streets. Why shouldn’t those people get fined the same as people who don’t shovel sidewalks?

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