Your Views: Report adds navigator fraud to Obamacare train wreck

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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Obamacare navigators who have unlimited access to applicants' financial records and Social Security numbers are hired without getting background checks. Identity theft and ruined credit are sure to follow. It gets worse.

James O'Keefe's Project Veritas has released two videos showing Obamacare navigators in Texas suggesting fraud to undercover reporters. After the first video, some in the mainstream media, who are still so blindly loyal to Obama that they can't admit he lied when he said you could keep your plan, called the first exposť “isolated incidents.”

“Project Veritas released a second investigation exposing more Obamacare navigators counseling applicants to lie and cheat the health care system by erroneously reporting income status, health history and more,” Project Veritas wrote. “We decided to visit even more navigators funded by your American tax dollars. What we found was disturbing and showed a clear pattern of fraud through the Obamacare navigator program.”

The videos show Obamacare navigators in Texas counseling undercover reporters to lie in order to avoid higher premiums. One navigator advises the reporter, “I would just try to get that number as low as you can. It would help you qualify for more stuff as far as aid and stuff like that.”

Another navigator tells a reporter that house cleaners, “don't report that income,” and he doesn't have to either. The navigator reassures him no one will find out.

It's not just the “glitches” in the website. The Obamacare train wreck is a disgrace.



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