Web Views for Friday, Nov. 15, 2014

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Friday, November 15, 2013


On Parker cafeteria inspection scores 100: Congrats! And great job. Nice to hear positive things about our schools.


On lights dim on State Electric Supply: Good job, Ellen (Ramberg)! What a career you have had running State Electric for so many years. Thanks for helping us out when we built our house.


On closing Quotes: If Quotes is closed, it will just move the rowdy customers to other bars who hopefully will be better equipped to handle them.


On man’s memorial honors veterans: A fitting tribute to your family heroes.


On city budget: It becomes more clear, as time goes on, that Jay Winzenz should have been given the position as city manager.


-- Again, come on already. I will repeat myself. The “fees” belong on our tax bill!

—ms pacman

On tax levies down, rates up: Once again, Wisconsin lags the rest of the nation in job creation. What’s new?


On lap swim program: Instead of giving bonus payments to school staff (for doing their jobs), use some of that 600K they claimed they “saved.”


-- Absolutely ridiculous amount of money per swimmer. No one in their right mind would pay that. … A health club membership costs about the same. … If the school district and city can’t figure something out, it will be a shame. The bottom line is that those pools are maintained year-round regardless if there are people in them or not.

--Mike Wimmer


To John Eyster: 11-11-11-18 was originally Armistice Day. Treaty was signed 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.


-- Puchi: Thank you. Appreciated that info.


To Glen Loyd: Thanks, Glen. I was sitting in the woods today, and the robins are gathering for their flight south. Heard birds I didn’t recognize. Yes, it is a beautiful time of year.


To Greg Peck: Greg, never used an inversion table but have found the McKenzie exercise series worked well. You need a professional to evaluate and determine which of the exercises in the series to use. Many of these exercises look silly, but they worked for me. Probably some of the same exercises recommended to you by the chiropractor.

—Gordon LaChance

-- Have you gone to the doctor to see what could be wrong? Spinal stenosis?

—ms pacman

-- Staying in some kind of motion that helps, but doesn’t aggravate, to keep from rusting up is definitely key. I also find a lot of relief from a heated microwavable pad applied to the lower back. That really relaxes those stiff and tight muscles and ligaments.


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