Sound Off for Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013: Readers criticize roundabouts

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

On good Samaritans: A special thank you to a man and his son who stopped when I was blowing leaves last Sunday and helped me finish. He would not give me his last name or address and would not accept any payment. My husband had surgery, and I really appreciated what they did. Thanks again from an old lady on Lexington Drive.

On city fees/taxes: New bus garage, proposed new fire station, garbage fees, water rates and wheel tax up. What other fees will we get? What other new buildings will we pay for? Taxes and fees are getting out of hand. The longer I live in Janesville, the less food is on the table. Maybe Janesville should build homeless shelters on wheels like in Madison. I may need one.

On farm equipment on roads: On Thursday afternoon a big combine was coming down Highway 14 holding back maybe 25 to 30 cars. I wonder why farmers don't have to license combines, tractors and everything else they drive on roads.

On voter ID: How can people go through so much paperwork and computer work to get on the Affordable Health Care Act but yet can't get an ID to vote?

On sentencing: I'm calling regarding an article on Page 3A Friday regarding DeAdrick Vance getting a 15-year sentence. I hope everyone who reads this understands the consequences when you choose to have or use illegal drugs. Three children will lose their dad for 15 years because he chose and his wife allowed the use of drugs and a gun in their home.

On Rep. Kolste: She stated in last Wednesday's paper that holding office hours in a Janesville Transit System bus would give her a chance to talk to constituents who use the system while learning more about public transit. Is she that much of an elitist that she doesn't know about public transportation?

On lighted trees in park: I'm calling about the lights in trees at Jefferson Park. They've been there since last Christmas, and now only one small string lights up. Would the people responsible for these lights please remove them and in the future keep the decorations on their own property?

On state lawmakers: Everyone had a fit when Democrats fled Wisconsin over a vote. Now Senate Republicans are refusing to vote. They're refusing to do a job we're paying them to do. Score even.

On public employee benefits: There are reasons related to physical limitations for firefighters and police officers to retire in their 50s; school teachers, not so much.

On roundabouts: I'm a senior and will never use the Racine Street roundabouts going to St. Mary's. Those are the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. It was a nice straight shot before. And accidents, what accidents? The stupidity of some people is mind-boggling. Now you will see accidents, confusion and anger, especially among senior patients at St. Mary's.

-- What is with all these ridiculous roundabouts in this town?

On heroes: While acknowledging heroes, let us not forget the line and gas technicians of the power company and their diligence in responding 24/7, enduring the worst-possible weather conditions to ensure the safety and comfort of the public.

On alcohol tax: The Journal Sentinel reports that the price of beer at Summerfest will increase 50 cents. Alcohol should be taxed to the max, as is tobacco. When was the last time the beer tax increased? With the death, destruction and violence that alcohol causes, let's get some money for this. It's ridiculous.

On cemetery chapel: Please do what needs to be done, but don't tear down the Oak Hill Cemetery chapel. We don't need high-powered architects to design something that doesn't need to happen. Just fix it up and keep it the way it was.

On YMCA: The YMCA's athletic club should lose its tax-exempt status and pay taxes like all the rest of the citizens and businesses.

On loose dogs: What's the point of having sidewalks and leash laws in Janesville when you walk by people's houses and their dogs attack you?

On administrators: The Gazette on Nov. 5 reported on Janesville School District administrator Yolanda Cargile moonlighting with her clothing business. How many others of Superintendent Schulte's administrators have jobs beyond their district salaries? Does Schulte have a part-time job? How can they have time to do other jobs? Are we overstaffed?

On gubernatorial race: Democrat candidate Mary Burke worked under Gov. Doyle and is a member of the school board. Do you need any more reasons to vote for Gov. Walker? Giving the unions everything they asked for is too costly for the unemployed and part-time taxpayers.

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