Expelled student brought homemade weapon to school

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Frank Schultz
Wednesday, November 13, 2013

JANESVILLE—A high school student accused of bringing a homemade weapon to school has been expelled forever.

The weapon was made from a pipe, but it was not a firearm, not a bomb and did not have a blade, said Director of Student Services Yolanda Cargile.

Cargile said she could not further describe the weapon, discuss what the student was doing with it or say what the student's history of behavior problems might have been.

Many expelled students have histories of disobeying school rules, and that history can influence the severity of the expulsion.

On the other hand, just one incident, if it's severe enough, can lead to expulsion, Cargile said.

The student was expelled through his or her 21st birthday and is not allowed to apply for reinstatement. That effectively is a lifetime ban, as the law does not permit students to attend high school beyond age 21.

The Janesville School Board expelled three high school students Tuesday, the first expulsions of this school year. The other expulsions were:

-- A student accused of possessing a knife at school. The student was expelled through the first semester of the 2014-15 school year but could apply for reinstatement as early as January 2014.

If reinstated early, the student must comply with probation rules and enroll in an educational program for expelled students. The district provides such programs.

Also, the student must submit to contraband searches at the request of any district employee or law enforcement and meet with a counselor to discuss bullying and any other concerns that might be related to behavior issues related to the expulsion.

If reinstated, the student must take all prescribed medicine, continue counseling, submit to searches and maintain satisfactory attendance, schoolwork and behavior.

-- A student accused of being under the influence of drugs at school, expelled through age 21. The student can apply for reinstatement after complying with certain conditions.

The conditions: Comply with probation, waive confidentiality of his or her probation file, take any prescribed medicines, be evaluated for mental health and drug abuse and provide written confirmation he or she gained insight into behaviors and is willing to comply with school rules.

If reinstated early, the student must abstain from drug abuse, submit to drug testing at the request of the district, submit to searches and maintain satisfactory attendance, schoolwork and behavior.

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