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Friday, November 8, 2013


On traffic snarl at Harmony School: What a mess with all the parents scrambling to pick up and drop off kids. It’s to the point that the most dangerous thing for the kids is the parents.


-- Looks like the so-called cure is worse than the previous problem. Guess common sense doesn’t work for the school or the parents. Who ends up the worse for it? That’s right, the students. Time the parents and the school got together and solved this problem. Don’t wait till the accident happens.


-- If I am not mistaken, several years ago they put in new sidewalks and many children who used to ride the buses were told they could no longer ride. Less children on buses means more foot or vehicle traffic. Parents need to get their lazy butts out of vehicles and walk their children from the school to the car.


-- Kids need to be taught to cross at the corners and not dart out in traffic. By the school or the parents. … Keep them after class until they know where to cross in the correct places. Parents need more tickets given out. … Make the kids walk six blocks and pick them up there instead if the little princes and princesses cannot walk 12 blocks to get home.

—ms pacman

On victim of “revenge porn”: Yes, indeed, the onus is on the victim.


-- Interesting story. However, while I am not impressed with zeroes that stoop this low, once you take these pictures and pass them on, you can’t whine about where/when, or why they show up. People today are just plain stupid when it comes to this stuff.


On 17-year-old offenders: They are old enough to know right from wrong at this age. The crimes that are being committed by kids this age are pretty serious compared to 30 years ago. Burglary, battery, robbery and major crimes should always bring adult charges. These are adult crimes. Little Johnny is just not taking a candy bar from a gas station anymore.


-- We now have scientific proof, through fMRI imagery, that teenage brains are going through a complete rewiring process. The area in most flux during this change period—and last to become “adult”—is the area that controls judgment. There are cases where juveniles should face adult consequences. But before assuming they all have adult wisdom and understanding…they should at least have a hearing.


On Mary Burke’s candidacy: Sounds to me like Burke is a smart, shrewd player. Who cares if she doesn’t spout off right now about saving the world? … The election is a long way off. I’m sure she is building a staff and figuring out how to get Wisconsin back from being a cocktail party joke to respectability.

—badger man

-- I would like to know if her Trek shops were union.


On possible County M/I-90-39 interchange: Maybe that would be the perfect area to relocate the Rock County 4-H Fairgrounds.


-- More accidents happen near interchanges, and being that the Janesville and Newville exits are so close, there would be no reason for a “developer driven” exit. Like the DOT said the last time, they want fewer exits, not more. Some developers will buy land around a possible future exit just hoping they can persuade government officials to see it “their” way.



To Glen Lloyd: Nicely done, Glen! And as of yesterday the (Rotary) Gardens are no charge to enter during the day until next April. I love the change of colors throughout the gardens, especially in the Japanese area.

—Janice Peterson

To Greg Peck: Ah, yes, I feel your pain ... literally. One suggestion: If you have a mulching mower, you can skip the bagging and leave the shredded leaves. … As long as the result isn’t too thick, your lawn should love it.


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