Sound Off for Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

On good Samaritans: I want to thank the wonderful people who helped me when I fell down on Main Street last week Monday. They took my packages to my car; they drove the car right up to the sidewalk and helped me walk to the car. It just reaffirmed my faith in people. There are many caring people willing to help others and come to their aid.

On daylight-saving time: I’m a farmer, and when are we going to abolish this daylight-saving time? I got up two hours ago at 2:30, and I’m still setting my clocks behind two hours later. Now what kind of time efficiency savings is that? Let’s grow up, government, and quit doing stuff the childish way.

On Packer picks: Wow, I can’t believe it. John Barry actually picking the Packers over the Bears. Miracles do come around.

On Obamacare: Caesar to Jesus: What is truth? Hitler to the German nation: The Jews did it. Obama to the American people: You can keep your health plan and doctors. The big political lies over history lead to disaster. Are we blind?

-- If you’re one of the millions of Americans receiving cancellation notices from your health care provider, you should call the Democratic Party and thank them for taking your choices away. Conservatives believe you, through the free market, should determine what type of coverage you have. Liberals believe government should make that decision for you.

-- The selling point from President Obama was that you can keep your policy and doctor. Evidently, people liked their policies and doctors. Do you feel used?

-- I’m calling about the State Views article on Page 6B Oct. 31. There must be a way to override our governor’s power to also get Wisconsin rate reviews for affordable insurance premiums. I feel all he wants to do is make sure Obamacare fails and to further his own political career.

On city council: Shame on our council. What a shame to tear out a pool at Riverside Park and outlay all that money to put in a splash pad when there’s already a pool there. Once again, I see budget items to upgrade Palmer Park and put in new toys that are luxuries, not something we need.

-- This council must work very hard every day and not sleep at night trying to think of another way to raise taxes. I’m over 80 years old. I’m sick of the whole mess and will be so glad to get out of here. People are hurting. I’m tired of doing without to pay the taxes.

On benefits: I thank God for Social Security and Medicare. I do not take them for granted. I grew up during the Depression. When the doctor came to my house—yes, my house—he gave us $2 for food. Today, because of Social Security, millions of people over this great United States do not go hungry or without shelter.

On food stamps: Why is it every time Republicans want to cut the budget, it starts with taking from the poor, food stamps? Is it because it’s easier when they have no lobbyists? Next time take from a wealthy group like subsidies for big oil, big sugar, big farmers and so forth. But that would be like shooting themselves in the foot—no large campaign checks.

-- Regarding Page 2A Sunday, I’ve got a family of four, and we eat very well and probably don’t spend over $350 a month. They should cut that by another $100 and put the law in that you can’t buy soda and potato chips. That is a joke that Rep. Tammy Baldwin doesn’t think a family of four can eat on $630 a month; she needs to be out of Washington.

On fire station: I can’t believe the school board will be willing to sell the land for use or not (“From school to station,” Page 2A Saturday). Since when does the school board own the city of Janesville?

On gubernatorial race: Are we going to read over a third of a page of the good that Gov. Walker has done for the state in response to the article on Page 2A Saturday? Mary Burke won’t say how she will govern Wisconsin, but Walker has proven how he has helped Wisconsin and most residents by doing, not just by promises.

On president: So al Qaida is once again on the rise. Perhaps if Obama had paid more attention to what happened in Benghazi, it wouldn’t be such a surprise to him now. Such incompetence.

On international education: The Gazette editorial supporting international education efforts in Janesville schools could have highlighted the work of past Director of Instruction Donna Behn. She spent countless hours developing the international academy. She also led development of the Chinese language program in the elementary schools.

On Gazette puzzles: How difficult is it to keep the Universal crossword, Sudoku puzzle and Fun Ciphers all in one column of Sunday’s paper? A few weeks ago, they were split up but on the same page. Now they are split into different sections of the newspaper. Seriously?

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