Your Views: Kinnaman’s liberal views amount to rabid distortions

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

I didn’t expect agreement with Ted Kinnaman’s Oct. 26 column; neither did I expect disappointment. Given his age, experience and position, one expects a thoughtful presentation with honest illustrations supporting his reasons without a rabid foaming of distortions.

Only five of his approximately 35 assertions are true or mostly true.

1) The Republican Party taking orders from the “anarchist” tea party. Anarchists? Really? Mr. Kinnaman, what laws did the tea party disobey? Can you name one? Our president arbitrarily refuses to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, existing immigration laws, federal marijuana laws, parts of the Affordable Health Care Act, and is end running Congress and other laws with regulatory agencies, not to mention: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS abuse of conservatives, and other scandals and violations. Obama is the anarchist.

2) “They cannot accept this because Obama is not only a Democrat but a black Democrat.” Mr. Kinnaman, how low can you go? Republicans cannot accept the AHCA because of its reprehensible aspects. Obama’s race or party isn’t a factor affecting opposition, nor respect, or lack of it.

3) “(Republicans) taken over by a tiny group whose hatred of government is so extreme.” The tea party loves “good” government as our Founding Fathers intended. They want to “revive” not “revise” our Constitution as progressives desire. With your views, would you have been among the many Americans who, desiring security over freedom, opposed our departure from England? Do you desire a United Soviet Socialist States of America?



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