Your Views: Vote against plan for pool in Elkhorn

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Vote “no” Tuesday, Nov. 5. It’s apparent that Elkhorn’s mayor and council want to borrow $3.5 million for a new swimming pool. Several council members wanted to sign a contract without telling city residents or letting them vote on the expense. Thank goodness cooler heads prevailed and that didn’t happen.

City fathers set a nonbinding referendum on the Nov. 5 ballot. There’s no other item on this ballot! Swimming pool, no or yes? This referendum is costing city taxpayers an estimated $10,000 just to have this one-item ballot. Remember, this is a nonbinding vote, meaning the council doesn’t have to abide by the vote.

Besides borrowing $3.5 million to build this pool, nothing has been said about interest on the loan, operating costs, maintenance or fees to operate and maintain what would be a little-used perk that’s open maybe 10 weeks per year and used by a small percentage of residents.

Elkhorn has a lake and beautiful park that can be used for swimming. For a few thousand dollars, this lake can be brought back up to standards and used as it was intended.

Local small lakes used by East Troy, Delavan and Palmyra are perfectly fine for their residents, why not for Elkhorn? Does Elkhorn really need a $3.5 million-plus pool? I think not! My tax dollars can be better spent fixing city infrastructure that is used by everyone, mainly the streets for starters.

I urge all to vote “no” on this $3.5 million-plus project next Tuesday.



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