Your Views: Sen. Cullen wrong to push seat belts on school buses

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

I was interested in your front-page article from Oct. 6 regarding seat belts in school buses. “The Runaway,” Sen. Tim Cullen, is pushing to have these belts installed in all school buses. I suspect he is trying to get more publicity for himself. After all, who has his picture in the local papers more than Cullen? To me, he is a guy who ran away with his fellow Democrats to Rockford instead of doing what he was elected to do.

Regarding his proposal on school bus seat belts, he in my opinion is way off base. First of all, the cost is staggering for each vehicle. However, regardless of that, they can and will cause countless problems for the driver, as well as the students who are “supposed” to wear them.

If anyone except a politician, Cullen, can’t look at the national statistics regarding children getting injured or killed riding school buses, you would see that it is very low. Injuries and deaths related to school buses result almost entirely outside the school buses, not inside where Cullen wants to spend money needlessly. What’s new?




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