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Friday, October 25, 2013


On boosting city wheel tax to fix streets: How about finding a place to cut spending rather than increase it?

—Craig Walker

-- If we are in such dire straits, why are we building a new bus garage? Fire station? Buying Adams Roofing? … This city is acting like a teenager with a credit card. Let's cut up this credit card and be responsible!


-- The minute anything is in line to be cut, people complain that it shouldn't be cut. Doesn't matter what it is, it seems just the word that it will be cut or reduced sets off the reasons it shouldn't be cut or reduced, and this is from the same people who want things to be cut or reduced.


-- I doubt the wheel tax will be removed after three years because road repairs will still be needed at the same level … just to stay ahead of the number of roads that are good now but will not be in three years. Bus garage had major federal monies attached; the city gained a major bargain by doing what was needed now. The fire station is in dire need of replacement.

—New User

On north-side burglaries: Wait until they (burglars) pick the “wrong” house; maybe they'll get the message then.


On printer expands into Janesville: Congrats. Nice to see businesses expanding in Rock County.


On solid third quarter: There will not be a shortage of people taking credit for the stronger economy.


On “Jeopardy!” contender: Way to go, Jane, you made a very respectable showing! But I'm curious; the intro to “Jeopardy!” was ...“Jane Wanninger, from Nashville, Tenn.” Hmm, no mention of the Janesville connection. Wonder why when many other contestants, including your two opponents that day, are introduced as “originally from” and their hometown.


-- Nice job, Jane. On any other day, you would have won. Just up against a good player on a hot streak.

—New User


To John Eyster: Comparing Stewart to Brokaw/Brinkley is ridiculous. They might find a “fix” for the website, but it still does not “fix” Obamacare.


-- “The media” aka the mainstream media, have abdicated their role as gatekeeper/scorekeeper/watchdog under the current administration. Instead they've emerged as priests in the Temple of Obama, cheering his every word and ignoring every gaffe, error and policy problem. … “What do you recommend to President Obama? How about, “Resign!”


To Greg Peck: I fail to understand the rationale behind closing the parks. Aside from perhaps trash issues—maybe those patrolling could handle those—what harm can come from visitors to a park owned by us? The only reason to do it is the same one that drove the selected sequestration cuts—make a maximum impact on taxpaying citizens.

—Gordon LaChance

-- Why Greg, you old scofflaw! I didn't think you had it in you. I'm glad you got to enjoy at least part of your vacation without getting fined. Riddle me this: If the parks are closed because the “shutdown” meant there were no rangers available for safety, how is it there were plenty of rangers around to issue fines?


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