Your Views: Sound Off comments compel responses

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rather than casting aside the Oct. 20 Sound Off in disgust, I felt compelled to reply.

On fire station: The caller questions paying firefighters to sleep at the station. Would you rather have them arrive at your house in 20 minutes, or 10? Tour a fire station; learn the job. Try to understand the necessity of camaraderie and teamwork.

On shutdown: This caller is trying to compare 1988 to 2013. I, too, would love to live with the means I have now and the prices of yesteryear. Gas for 99 cents? Now imagine costs of everything else and subsequent increases of today. The $16 trillion for Obama is not disproportionate to the $1 trillion of Reagan's years. Please take a course in economics.

On tea party: I find it truly irresponsible that we allow Congress' behavior to shut down the government. The cost to the economy and the creditability of the country of such extremism are unacceptable. Partisanship is unavoidable, but let the majority rule. Do not hold us hostage. Do not allow extremists to have that kind of control over us.

On Obamacare: Over 36 years I have worked at every level of business, from hourly blue-collar in family-owned to the majority of years as salaried white-collar management in Corporate America. I have seen many new program rollouts that didn't go as planned. It is impossible to see every conceivable flaw until actual implementation.

Please, as voters, educate yourselves. Think for yourselves. Determine where you stand.



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