Your Views: Jorgensen votes right way on tax cut

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

I would like to say thank you to Rep. Andy Jorgensen for voting for Gov. Walker’s tax relief bill, Special Session Senate Bill (SSSB) 1, on Thursday, Oct. 17.

At first, I thought he would vote against it because he made statements on his web page that the bill did little to help Wisconsin families. And then during the debate, he said on WisEye that this bill wasn’t real; that the bill hurts the middle class; that the bill only flips a quarter; that the bill delivers a smaller tax hike and gives private voucher schools a bigger paycheck; and finally, that the middle class deserves better.

 After all the rhetoric, I thought for sure that Rep Jorgensen would vote “no” on SSSB1 but I guess he decided that despite his impassioned remarks against the bill he would vote with Republicans to pass Gov. Walker’s bill. I don’t know if he spoke with such vehemence against the bill to appease his Democratic and liberal supporters but then voted for Gov Walker’s bill because it may help later with the election, but whatever the reason, I thank him for voting with Gov. Walker.



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