Your Views: Obama’s actions reflect callous, destructive attitude

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Despicable! Simply despicable. President Obama selected the Department of Interior to focus on his “shutdown” orders. Consequently, our World War II veterans had to “storm the barricades” to see their memorial, which is in an open, free 24/7 park area.

He could have chosen the Department of Energy or Department of Education. Closing these worthless bureaucracies would hardly have made a ripple on the average American citizen. No, he chose to shutdown Gettysburg National Battlefield, Grand Canyon National Park and hundreds of similar sites. Why? To directly hurt and interfere with American citizens and their treasured history and great natural parks. Why? Quite simply the president wants to inflict pain and discomfort on citizens because then he thinks they will blame the Republicans. Despicable.

The president’s actions reflect a callous, destructive attitude and plan for America. His Senate toady Harry Reid received at least 10 compromise bills recently (Sept. 20-Oct. 1) sent to him by the House of Representatives. Reid stamped them received and sent them back to House Speaker John Boehner. The Continuing Resolution bill is only a prelude to the upcoming debt-ceiling crisis (again this year).

Obama will negotiate with (in fact, pander to) Iran, Russia, North Korea, Syria, etc., but will not even discuss issues with Republicans. During his watch, our national debt has soared from $10 trillion to $16.75 trillion, and he has no plan except to continue in power and in control and to spend still more money. A frightening thought.



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