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Friday, October 4, 2013


On lack of signs for bypass: Doesn’t it say Milton exit. Pretty sure. How is it convenient to bypass the bypass?

-- ms pacman

-- How smart are these people?

-- New User

-- I think the people who say they are avoiding the bypass have other issues. They don’t like change. I found the bypass simple to navigate.

-- sleeponit

-- Just drove through on the bypass. It looks like both lanes will be open very soon. Guess what I saw as I approached the exit? A great big sign that said Milton exit. Kinda hard to miss.

-- non_grata

On school district’s handbook: As Mr. (Edward) Stried pointed out (letter, Sept. 27), there were over 400 handbooks created in the two-year run-up that the Janesville School Board had to produce their handbook. Four hundred examples that could be used to find the best ideas and discard those that have not worked. … I agree, incompetence is the operative word.

-- Nick Danger

-- Too busy focusing on China?

-- buyusa

-- No excuse for the lack of leadership or responsibility by not meeting that handbook deadline. Sad example.

-- hdonlybob

-- Pretty easy answer to this one. Their (the administrators paid to do this) focus is on China and their trips (vacations), not on the business of the district. No surprise here.

-- badger man

-- I am not sure that this is necessarily a bad thing: “And is it really a victory for education in Janesville when large numbers of experienced teachers are replaced by just-out-of-college teachers?” I know some of those “just-out-of-college teachers,” and they have great ideas and a great education to back them up!

-- Tammy Brown


To Greg Peck: All those phone rules that we learned for the landline phone did not transfer to the cellphone. In the early days, when cellphones were the size of a shoebox or in a bag, it was a sign of status to be seen talking on one. Now it’s just a sign of annoyance. But then, I still can’t get past typing on a phone!

-- Nick Danger

-- Some people seem to be more than simply inconsiderate or rude with their phone usage. They exhibit signs of addiction, such as over-use and abuse, lack of control, unaware of their imbalance and how it affects others around them, etc. I’ve seen people at busy intersections … totally inattentive as they approach and begin to cross the street, noses in their phones.

-- Solo_Voce

-- Good topic, Greg, and it deserves to be revisited. Have forgotten where I saw it, but one source had a gentle approach. It’s simple: When sitting down at a restaurant or breakfast, … ask everyone at the table to lay down their device. Whomever answers a call during the time together—disregarding and disrespecting others—will be required to pay the bill for everyone.

-- birdman

To John Eyster: Wait till they find out what it (Obamacare) really will cost them in the long run. Actually, wait till they find out that they even have to pay for it.

-- RetArmy

-- Too bad Obama and Sen. Reid refuse to authorize keeping the World War II Memorial open, even though it was built from private donations. Shame on the Democratic Party. … I will start to believe it is a good plan when everyone in government, including Obama, signs up for it.

-- wislady

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