Your Views: It’s Democrats who refuse to negotiate

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Republicans have made multiple offers that would keep government running during “negotiations” with President Obama and Democrats over funding the government and Obamacare. They have scaled back their wish list repeatedly while trying to reach an agreement. Obama defiantly says he will not negotiate with Republicans. Obama accuses Republicans of demanding 100 percent of what they want. It is Democrats who refuse to negotiate.

Obama denied a request to keep the World War II Memorial accessible to veterans who wanted to visit as part of an Honor Flight. It has been barricaded. The open-air war memorial has always been open 24/7. Why would Obama now barricade it because of the budget stalemate? It requires more effort and expense to put up barricades than to let veterans through. I hope Obama relents and opens the memorials due to the backlash from citizens who see through Obama’s blatant partisan rhetoric.

Democrats refuse to negotiate over Obamacare’s individual mandate or an Obamacare subsidy for lawmakers and their staffs. Obama delayed the employer mandate for his Big Business buddies. Why not the individual mandate for average citizens? Why should lawmakers get subsidies that are not available to citizens making the same wages?

Republicans offered three bills to keep the national parks, major museums and memorials in Washington, and veterans’ programs operating. Democrats voted them down. Republicans are calling for funding for the National Institutes of Health. Democrats refuse.

Democrats’ refusal to negotiate has shut down the government.



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