$65 or best offer: Humane society offers "name your price" event

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Monday, September 30, 2013

JANESVILLE—If you've ever spent five minutes with a cat, you know they tend to have unexpected notions about the best ways to do things.

For example, many cats believe  cold cereal bowls are communal property and standing on people's chests is a good way to wake them.

It seems unexpected ideas are contagious.  For a limited time, the Rock County Humane Society is offering a “name your price” sale for adult cats.

Executive Director Brett Frazier called the sale an "experiment" designed to help find homes for the more than 200 cats at  the shelter.  More cats come in every day. 

The “name your price” promotion will start Tuesday and run for a limited time.

Frazier stressed that potential adopters will go through the standard counseling to make sure they're a good fit with their potential pets.

“A safe and loving home is our goal, so we're not just giving cats away to just anyone,” Frazier said in an e-mail.

The cost of a cat is usually $65 and includes spay or neuter surgery, microchipping, testing for feline leukemia and other illnesses and a start on vaccines. Those services would cost more than $300 at a vet clinic.

Frazier acknowledged that the shelter needs the revenue generated from adoption fees.

But the humane society has two goals for the event, Frazier said.

The first is to find homes for animals.

“Our mission is to get these animals out of the shelter as quickly as we can because cats don't belong in an enclosure. They belong curled up in a sunny spot on the floor of a safe and loving home,” Frazier said.

The second is to spark generosity among community members who support the society's mission to find animals homes.

"That generosity, it is hoped, will offset adopters who pay smaller amounts to take home a new pet," Frazier said.

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