Your Views: Blame Democrats for steering us wrong

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Friday, September 27, 2013

The Democrat occupying the White House recently cost us over $100 million for a family trip to Africa, according to the White House. “Politcus USA” says he cost us $181,000 in lodging alone for his family “vacation” to Martha’s Vineyard this year.

The “sequester” came from the White House. U.S. laws are passed by both houses and signed into law by the president. Democrats are two of the three who made this “sequester” law. The Democrats chose to furlough military members, cut defense spending and close the White House to us.

The Democratic-controlled Senate uses the pocket veto to squash budget proposals, driving our nation into “continuous” resolution battles that many of us are sick of. We haven’t had a federal budget since Democrats took control—no federal budget in five years!

Sixty-six percent of our federal government’s expenses are “mandatory spending” much of which are entitlements such as Obamacare. By law—via “mandatory spending”—you cannot really shut down the government.

The remaining 34 percent is “discretionary spending.” Did you know government entitlements must be paid before national defense? National defense is “discretionary spending.” Free cellphones before national defense—is that in the U.S. Constitution?

Everyone in Congress must vote to delay or repeal every aspect of Obamacare in this round of the “continuous” resolution; approve a federal budget; fully fund our military; close and protect our borders; and open our White House to the citizens who pay $1.4 billion a year to keep it operating.



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