Your Views: Disparaging attack in letter unfair to Parkview district

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Monday, September 23, 2013

When school districts begin talking about referendums, raising taxes, closing schools, etc., it inevitably causes a great deal of discussion and often the voicing of strong, emotional opinions.

My experience as a member of the Parkview Board of Education has taught me to listen to what people are saying, make every attempt to learn something from what is being said and use what I've learned to help the district in whatever way possible. On occasion, however, someone will make a comment, or someone will repeat a comment made by another, that I choose to ignore. I can't, in good conscience, ignore the comments made by Bill Redmer in his opinion letter on Sept. 18.

If Mr. Redmer disagrees with the idea of a building referendum, that's fine; he has a right to his opinion. However, to attack the school by criticizing the students and teachers is absolutely unnecessary and entirely uncalled for; not to mention his comments are extremely inaccurate. “Nondescript entity?” What a terribly misguided statement to make.

If Mr. Redmer wants to see innovation, a creative environment and progressive nature, he can stop into any of our schools and find it. He'll have no trouble finding socially responsible young people who are mission challenged—they're all over the place. There is nothing nondescript about Parkview High School, or any school in our district for that matter. He would have done well to do a little research before making such disparaging comments.



President, Parkview School Board

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