Sound Off for Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

On Obamacare: Exchanges are to be implemented Oct. 1. When your health care premiums skyrocket and the quality of your care plummets and your wait time for doctors doubles and triples, the media will try to tell you Congress gave us this mess. That is not true. The Democratic Party gave us this mess 100 percent.

-- In response to last Sunday’s Sound Off, it’s not just the insurance companies gouging us; look closely at your bill. There will be a submitted amount, then an allowed amount. It’s your doctor, hospital or clinic squeezing more money out of us by billing higher than reasonable and customary charges that are set by your insurance company. Lay blame where it belongs.

On courthouse tower: Regarding “Sick bricks” (Page 1A Wednesday), so far we have invested $14,900 in the courthouse tower and solved nothing. Why was the tower built if it serves no purpose other than pigeon poop? Who OK’d this and what did it cost? Before something serious happens, please take it down. It will be cheaper than a lawsuit.

On Badger football: Badger fans are crying over that poor call made by the referees—which it was—but if the Badgers would have played a halfway decent game against Arizona State, they’d have never put themselves in that position to lose a game. They were playing an inferior team, but they didn’t play up to par.

-- I was wondering, after listening to UW coach Andersen endorse Toyotas on commercials, if he is going to carry a Japanese flag at the next home game.

On senior center: I had a great big chuckle on Tuesday’s front-page picture of the ping pong tournament. I challenge The Gazette to go there Tuesdays at a little after 1 p.m. when we start playing Euchre. They herd us first into one room like cattle. We’re having fun, but it’s too crowded, and we’re treated like second-class citizens.

On Summers: Regarding Harrop’s column on Page 7A Wednesday, “Summers’ reversal is good news at Fed,” the reason Larry Summers is in the doghouse with the Left is because as president of Harvard University he stated women lag well behind men in math and science. You can’t say that. Never mind the fact that it’s true; it’s not politically correct.

On Kenosha casino plan: How is it that Indians have exclusive rights to all the gambling in the state and yet they only pay a tiny fraction of what anyone else would pay in taxes, and what do we get in return?

 On PoltiFact: To Wednesday’s Sound Off caller complaining about bias, the claim about job growth in Wisconsin was part of a quote from the casino website used only as context to their other claim about the casino’s future benefit to the state.

On fed program: You’ve heard the government will continue to buy $85 billion worth of bonds every month. Again, you’re not being told the truth. What they’re doing is injecting $85 billion worth of funny money made up of thin air into the economy. This makes every nickel you have worth less. The Stock Market loves this, but it’s a giant bubble that’s going to crash.

On Forbes list: Diane Hendricks is worth $4.4 billion. It was reported she gave Gov. Walker $500,000 toward his campaign. Does she ever donate to causes other than Republican issues, especially now that she’s on Forbes? It would be nice.

On superintendents: What a wonderful story about Milton School Superintendent Tim Schigur (Page 1A, Sept. 14). Maybe while Janesville Superintendent Schulte is over to China, taxpayers of Janesville can invite Schigur to Janesville and have him consider being our new superintendent. Maybe then we can get the help we need to run our schools efficiently.

On gun laws: Two Colorado state lawmakers were recalled because they supported stricter gun control laws. The National Rifle Association is gloating over the results. Voter turnout was 36 percent in one district and 21 percent in the other. When people do not take the time to vote, we should not be surprised to find the inmates running the asylum.

On Fort Hood shootings: The victims were government employees, on government time and on government property, shot by a government employee, and now they need help with medical bills? What am I missing, and who is responsible?

On federal spending: For more than 30 years, our government has borrowed from our Social Security reserve and has not paid $1 back while spending billions in foreign aid. If I borrowed from the government and never paid it back, they would garnish my wages or throw me in jail. How about not building battleships and start paying Social Security back?

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