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Text formatting options added to commenting

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Andrew Reuter
Thursday, September 19, 2013

Here is a bit of good news for subscribers: We now have text formatting options enabled on comments, including ones that have never been available on GazetteXtra.

Returns automatically appear, including on old comment posts where returns were added. No more trickery involving periods or spaces is required.

Links also now automatically work. Just make sure you include the “http://www” or “www” at the beginning of your URL. If you don't, the system won't know that it needs to make a link.

The other formatting options make use of HTML tags. They work by wrapping the text you want to format in opening and closing tags. For example, if you wanted to make the word “GazetteXtra” bold, you would write it like this: <strong>GazetteXtra</strong>. Here is a list of what formatting options are available and what tags they use:

--Bold: <strong></strong>

--Underline: <u></u>

--Italic: <em></em>

--Strikethrough: <strike></strike>.

Here is an example of how those text options should look in most browsers: (The typeface is slightly different for some Internet Explorer users.)

We think this dramatically increases the functionality of the comments section on the new GazetteXtra. Frankly, it was much needed. We hope you like it.

We're not done working on commenting, but other features are going to take time. My question to you is, what would you most like to see be added to commenting functionality on the new GazetteXtra?

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