Your Views: New buildings won’t boost education in Orfordville

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Orfordville’s new school referendum idea is off the mark again. Once more, “the cart is before the horse.” Bricks and mortar don’t create, educate or teach; progressive programs, successful experiences and talented teachers do.

The local culture notwithstanding. Parkview High School has been a nondescript entity for years, engendering more ridicule than praise. Not for the building as much as for what’s inside. Noted more for its workbook education and Dickens-style student environment than for any program to produce future Ph.Ds, or graduates prepared for the technical jobs of the future.

Increasing taxes to build buildings to simply make the teachers and kids feel good is silly! Betting that a new building by itself will improve any of this is silly.

“Show us the beef!” Show us success! Show us socially responsible young people who are mission challenged. Show us attention-grabbing extracurricular successes. Show us a school district to be proud of for its innovative programs, creative environment and progressive nature, and then we can talk new facilities. That cart must come before the horse here in Orfordville before any bricks will ever be laid, not after; i.e. new ideas, not buildings.



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