Your views: Cullen's retirement plan shows sad state of affairs

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Friday, September 13, 2013

It is another sad and sorry day for the state of Wisconsin. Sen. Tim Cullen, an honest and intelligent statesman, has decided that he cannot continue in the hostile, adversarial environment of our Legislature, which has been created the tea-party Republicans.

Bipartisan cooperation in our statehouse has been thrashed and thrown aside, replaced with onerous, inconsiderate, radical zealotry. Losing a level-headed, moderate senator with compassion and real regard for his constituency is one more major loss for Wisconsin citizens, compliments of the elitist, self-centered demeanor of tea-party Republicans bent on following a dictatorial path.

When will the people of Wisconsin wake up and recognize the severity of the detrimental actions being forced upon us? Likely not until the damage has gotten to the point of being nearly irreparable.

We vitally need more, not fewer, legislators who are the caliber of Sen. Cullen, and we need fewer myopic, radical politicians. We need more of the kind of fair, decent and honest representation put forth by the likes of him and instead are getting the exact opposite. The populace is losing, and it is a sad and sorry day, indeed.



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