Your Views: F-35 fighter jet critical to safety of our soldiers

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September 5, 2013

As combat operations resume in Afghanistan while the situation in Syria continues to deteriorate, it’s clear that defense must remain a top priority for elected officials in Washington. Not only is it important for our national security but also for ensuring the safety of our brave soldiers when we ask them to serve in the most hostile regions of the world.

 That is why I support continued development of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

 In order for our military to remain the best in the world and always have the upper hand over our enemies, we must ensure that it is equipped and prepared for the increasingly advanced threats we continue to face, particularly in the Middle East. Unlike our legacy aircraft, the F-35 is equipped with the most advanced aviation technology, including stealth capabilities that make it the world’s most superior military aircraft. It can eliminate targets without detection while providing cover for our ground forces.

 Growing up on a naval base in Japan before my family returned to the Midwest, I learned from my father how critical our military superiority is to the security of our nation. The lessons he taught me were further ingrained after I met my fiancé, a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom who was awarded the Purple Heart.

 As veterans, my dad and fiancé can attest to the importance of air superiority in successful combat operations with minimal loss of life. That is why the F-35 is so important to our military’s future.



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