Your Views: Obama wants co-owners for Syria plan he can't drop

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September 5, 2013

Before abandoning his plan to attack Syria, President Obama leaked the details, allowing President Bashar al-Assad to move his assets. Two to three missiles would be aimed at the sites where Russian-built attack helicopters are kept; at command and control centers; and at specific military targets. The New York Times reported, “Officials characterized the action under consideration as “lasting no more than a day or two.” So Assad would have known what to expect, where, and how long it would last.

Now Obama wants congressional approval before taking action in Syria? Last week the use of chemical weapons in Syria was a “moral obscenity” that required immediate action that Obama said he had the authority to take. This week, Obama went golfing instead of calling Congress back into session to debate his military strike against Syria.

Obama painted himself into a corner by declaring that the use of chemical weapons by Assad would constitute a “red line.” Now Obama wants lawmakers to co-own a decision that he can't back away from after his idiotic proclamation. Obama is preparing in advance to shift the blame if his strike on Syria proves to be unpopular and ineffective.

If Obama has a plan, he should explain it. Sending “a shot across the bow” is not a plan. An unnamed official told the Los Angeles Times that Obama was carefully calibrating a military action “just muscular enough not to get mocked.”

Incredibly, people are going to die so Obama doesn't get mocked.



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