Sound Off for Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

On good Samaritans: I want to thank the three gentlemen who stopped to help assist my daughter on Afton Road on Monday, Aug. 26, when she got a flat tire. It's nice to know there are still people out there that care.

-- I want to thank the person who found my library book and took it to the library. It had fallen off my car as I had locked myself out of the car and then drove off without it. Thank you for being so thoughtful.

On China trips: I am proud of Kevin Murray and Greg Ardrey of our school board. Finally, somebody is questioning Superintendent Schulte. I love Schulte's response, trying to put the blame on fulfilling what they want her to do. It's wonderful the board members are saying “where's the money” and making her and the budget show where the money is.

-- I hope the board members read Sound Off in Sunday's paper and will listen to the citizens. No more China trips.

On immigration: I agree with Congressman Ryan's four-step plan. However, No. 4 says a chance to get right with the law by paying fines and back taxes. Please realize that the majority of these Hispanics came from poverty you couldn't imagine. They've worked for very low wages and lived so humbly that a fine and back taxes would be an unbearable burden.

On proofreading: Recently a caller mentioned that The Gazette needs a proofreader. I agree. Two articles on the front page Friday demonstrated that need again. Please take this seriously and do something about it.

On retired teacher: Joe Dye not only figured out how to collect his pension while he is still working, as explained in the letter to the editor by Hans Von Allmen on Aug. 26, but he has also locked in free health insurance until age 65. A sweet deal, indeed.

On Republicans: This is in response to an Aug. 31 letter. I don't know about Republicans, but conservatives want to take us back to a time when we didn't have $17 trillion of debt piled on our children because of a welfare state, back to a time when our culture wasn't a cesspool and back to a time when children who graduated from high school could read.

On “move to redact”: The judicial system, insurers and lawyers are at fault for all the sue-happy people out to make an easy buck. From McDonald's to drug companies to now police departments (Page 1A, Sunday), all because insurance companies are unqualified dictators on everything from public policy to records to medicine. Let police do their job.

On GM: Concerning Friday's Gazette editorial, during a recession 30 years ago, Fort Wayne was able to replace its closed international truck factory with a new GM factory. Feeble attempts by state and local officials to replace the Janesville GM plant's $220 million yearly payroll will likely doom quality of life for decades to come.

On Syria: We should absolutely not get involved at all. We should never have been involved in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan; all it does is cost us a lot of money and soldiers' lives.

-- Does history repeat itself? Years ago, Secretary of State Powell announced Iraq had nuclear weapons. That led to war, during which it was discovered the statement was false. Now Secretary of State Kerry announces Syria has used sarin gas. Will this lead to war during which the statement will be shown to be false?

-- In Sunday's Sound Off, someone said we used white phosphorus in Iraq. Artillery uses it as a marker. Yes, phosphorus is a chemical, but it does not cause death unless it would hit you in the head as it happens to explode. It is not disease-causing; it does not give off gas or any noxious fumes. It's simply a white target marker.

On fireworks: I want to comment on the spectacular show Sunday night. We've seen a lot of them over the Potomac and here and there, and I have to tell you these were some of the best fireworks I've ever seen. They surely put on a long show. It was greatly appreciated and fun for all. Do it again.

On Labor Day Parade: I was appalled by the behavior of some parents who just don't understand what the parade is about. They only seemed to go out in the crowd and try to get candy for their kids, make fools of themselves and almost get run over. It's just not right.

On classes for veterans: Sunday's article on the composition class at UW-Whitewater created for veterans was heartwarming. Compliments to associate professor Erin Celello and the university. Thank you, columnist Anna Marie Lux.

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