Your Views: Rep. Jorgensen’s rhetoric doesn’t match record in Wisconsin Legislature

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Rep. Jorgensen column about local control took Republicans to task, saying they’ve voted for legislation that showed a lack of trust in local officials. He extolled the virtue of local control because local officials are more responsive to voters and “the bottom line is, Madison doesn’t always know best. It’s time state lawmakers stop dictating to their colleagues on the local level.”

Rep. Jorgensen’s talk in the district sometimes doesn’t match his behavior in Madison, so I looked up his voting record.

In 2009, he voted in lockstep with Democrats for Assembly Bill 75, AB260, AB 458, Senate Bill 181, SB185 and SB362. These mandated what local officials could or could not do. The League of Wisconsin Municipalities (LWM) stated it was disappointed with AB75, among others, because it interfered with local government.

In 2011, he voted against AB8, AB23, AB40, AB303 and SB237. These all restored control to local government. The LWM stated AB8 and AB23 were “Good bills enacted into law” and were two of several important bills beneficial to local government.

The best politicians are good at talking, so I don’t believe local control is the issue here. Otherwise, why didn’t Rep Jorgensen speak out when Democrats mandated how local governments levied and spent money, overruled local standards, or when they proposed AB759, which prohibited local governments from regulating the placement of sex offenders? Why isn’t he speaking out against Common Core Standards, which would allow Madison to dictate curriculum to local school boards?



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