Your Views: Gazette gets applause for pushing redistricting reform hearings

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Monday, August 26, 2013

I thank The Gazette for its open letter/editorial calling for Rep. Tyler August and Sen. Mary Lazich to schedule the redistricting bills for committee hearings.

The Gazette presented clear reasons for adopting a new, less partisan system. The current system is always manipulated for the electoral advantage of the party in power. The system is costly and undemocratic. It results in noncompetitive races for the U.S. Congress and for our state Legislature.

We won't redraw the legislative district lines until 2020. No one knows which party will control the Assembly, Senate and governor's office in seven years. Democrats might well be in charge of everything.

Now is the time to change the process. But if we miss this chance, I vow that I will continue to work for reform of the redistricting process for the rest of my legislative career, regardless of which party is in the majority.

Our Legislative Reference Bureau is cherished by legislators of both parties for being scrupulously nonpartisan. Let's give the reference bureau a chance to submit fair district lines for legislative approval.

Wisconsin voters deserve the chance to choose their legislators. Right now, it's the other way around.


44th Assembly District


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