Your Views: Parker teacher Dye pulls fast one on us

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kudos to Joe Dye for pulling off one of the all-time great fast ones. In June he retired from his $75,000 per year job in the Janesville School District, and a month later he is rehired at the same salary to perform two part-time jobs.

Steve Sperry of the district said Mr. Dye wouldn't take the job for less. Having worked only in the private sector, I was not aware that in the school district the job applicant dictates the salary terms. Mr. Sperry also indicated that Mr. Dye would have gone to another district if Janesville had not acceded to his salary demands.

Why would he be looking for a job when he had just retired? The obvious answer is so he could start collecting his pension while still working. Wouldn't everyone like to do that? The job was not posted until the district could legally talk to Mr. Dye. Coincidence? Please! The 4-3 vote to approve this maneuver was conducted while two board members conveniently were absent.

This was a classic parking lot job.



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