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Friday, August 23, 2013


On cities can't regulate cell towers: I think the cell towers could be a property improvement and be taxed accordingly. That is control, is it not? Those towers are pretty expensive.

-- non_grata

-- Hopefully, the editorial—read “conservative—part of The Gazette will rally to support this. After all, this law was put in by the Republicans with zero debate and a middle finger to local rule.

-- Professor

-- We don't “have to live with it”—vote these idiots out next election!

-- Robert Naatz

-- Janesville did not “lose the right” to regulate towers. It was taken away from Janesville—bought and paid for by the cell tower industry.

-- New User

On website off to good site, but work remains: In terms of aesthetics and “eye friendliness,” I liked your old site better. … Get rid of all the loud, fire engine red header backgrounds. It's hard on the eyes and infers there's something really important by screaming “look at me.” Downsize the fonts.

 -- TJ McCarthy

-- Overall I think you are doing just fine. I personally do not like the new format, but … I realize we all are hesitant to new changes. As far as the charge to comment, I think this is a good thing. I hope more start to comment again, but I was totally disgusted with the immature personal attacks, as well as the biased political views.

-- hdonlybob

-- I think the comments section could be more user friendly. The previous version was much better, and I expected improvement. Specifically the ability to write paragraphs, post usable links, and refer to previous posts by user should have been retained. Also date and time stamps on posts.

-- Nick Danger

-- As a crossword puzzle fan, I was disappointed to see the puzzles you subscribe to are less than user-friendly. … But, hey, otherwise, it's all good! I was previously a paying customer, and it still makes sense, especially when it gives you multiple ways to access. And it for sure doesn't bother me at all about the drop-off in commenters.

-- Solo_Voce

On proposed 70 mph speed limit: I drove to Madison and back to Janesville on Sunday via Interstate 90, and I wouldn't have kept up with half the traffic at 75 mph, much less 70 mph. Slower cars staying in the left lane were far greater dangers to safety than any speeders. What the Interstate system in Wisconsin needs is an enforced “Keep right except to pass” law.

-- New User

-- This would be a plus for Scotty to say he created more jobs making new signs!

-- moose

-- “Stay focused. Keep on the story's topic.”

-- wislady

-- Did you know that there is a speed limit of 65 mph on the Interstate?

-- garyprimer


To Greg Peck: I used to get up around 7 a.m. and mow before getting ready for work. I used a manual rotary push mower. … If rainy weather caused the lawn to get ahead of me, I'd use a gas-powered mower on Saturdays, and getting out of bed before noon on Saturday is too early for me, never mind being considerate about the neighbors.

-- New User

-- Saturdays: Never before 8 a.m. Sundays: 9 a.m. at earliest. Many readers have noticed that professional contractors almost always wait until 8 a.m. before firing up their saws, air-powered nail guns, Bobcats, and so on.

--  birdman

-- Doesn't this fall under city ordinance?

-- wislady

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