Sound Off for Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On Foodbank changes: I used to donate to ECHO, but after reading their comment (Page 3A, Thursday) that ECHO was established to meet the needs of the Janesville area and not neighboring cities or counties, I'm taken back by that. When I donated, my main objective was to feed the hungry whether they were in Rock, Green or whatever county.

-- I'm so glad I saw this story because I can cross Second Harvest off my donation list. I will not facilitate people from Illinois and the surrounding areas taking food or donations from my Janesville neighbors. People have to wake up; we need to take care of the people in our own backyard and become strong and then we can spread out. This is a very poor decision by Second Harvest.

On double-dipping teacher: As a taxpayer, I'm irate that Joe Dye is being rehired for $75,000. I agree with Bill Sodemann and Kevin Murray on the school board, but I think this needs to be re-voted on when all board members are there. The board members who think that is OK shouldn't be on the board if they can spend money that foolishly.

-- Maybe the school board can talk Dye into coaching again so they can give him a raise.

On exiled teacher: A person accused of being intoxicated while supposedly taking care of young children and also found drunk in a public place should be arrested or at least fined. How is it she is paid $18,000 to leave? I believe there's a lot more to the story than we're being told.

-- I'm confused as to why she received a settlement of $18,000 when she did the resigning and the school did not fire her. Something is not right here. She should pay it back.

On teacher settlement and double dipping: Now that GM employees are long gone, this community just needs someone to bash. I guess the teachers get the nod.

On public employees: No need to wonder why the general public has “had it” with the teachers and public employee unions. We see why every day from teachers double dipping the taxpayers to union members' childish and nationally reported embarrassing behavior at our state Capitol.

On superintendent: The Gazette reported on possible test score irregularities in the Aug. 11 issue, the same edition with an editorial describing effusive support for Karen Schulte's four trips to China. I concur with citizens who say the superintendent should focus more on in-district issues and programs and transparency as the recent fired teacher payout highlights.

On elected officials: I will repeat this as often as needed, which is very often. City council and school board members are elected, and the people criticizing them should run for those offices and find out how difficult they can be instead of armchair quarterbacking.

On drivers: A caller last Wednesday asked why police don't arrest drivers who don't stop at the flashing lights at the crosswalk on Main Street downtown. Flashing yellow means slow down and proceed with caution; it does not mean stop, although if you hit somebody in a crosswalk, you will be ticketed because you did not give the pedestrian the right of way.

-- It's time Janesville police start enforcing more traffic rules. Left turns and running red lights are issues. My insurance agent says rates are higher in Janesville because of bad driver habits, lack of overall enforcement and resulting high accident rates.

-- Taking a year to learn the Highway 26 bypass is ridiculous. We all drive on completed bypasses of small towns in every state every day. If you need to learn, go back to driver's school.

On fireworks: When will the people of Newville learn that the Fourth of July is long over? The past two Saturday nights, there has been fireworks all over. Get real; give it up.

On school vouchers: Twenty-five schools have been selected and 17 are existing Catholic schools, four are Lutheran and four are Christian. I hope all those who voted for the Republicans are happy that our tax dollars are going to pay for kids to go to religious schools.

On grandparenting: Bravo to all the kind grandparents in Janesville who show their unconditional love baby-sitting, feeding and driving these children, and what years of joy these grandchildren give to us grandparents.

On trash collection: I feel sorry for the garbage men in Janesville. On Monday, I rode through my subdivision, and many garbage cans were close together, and the lids on half of them were open all the way. The city asked for them to be about 3 feet apart with lids closed. I don't understand why people can't comprehend anything they read or maybe don't care.

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