Your Views: District should not have rehired Dye

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Friday, August 16, 2013

I am writing in regards to the Janesville School District’s rehiring of Joe Dye.

I don’t know Joe personally, and I am sure he is a stellar teacher and coach. However, he chose to retire and leave his positions. I feel that once a teacher retires, that person should not be allowed to return and double dip.

There are so many new teachers out there looking for jobs, and we should be supporting our economy and hiring those quality teachers. I have a hard time believing that there were no qualified teachers looking to fill this position other than Mr. Dye.

Even if he is allowed to come back, why should we give him his exiting pay scale when a new hire could be hired at a much lower salary? I just think it is unfair to the taxpayers, the local economy and the students to allow a retired teacher to take advantage of the situation.

Yes, we want quality teachers, but there are many out there. I think our school board members need to look at the overall picture. Mr. Dye should step aside and let another stellar teacher looking for a job take the position.



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