Sound Off for Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

On council snit: In Friday’s Gazette, “My position has been usurped,” (Page 1A), come on, Sam Liebert. Put the bickering aside and get on with the issues at hand,  like selecting the next city manager and getting the city’s financial position in order. The council needs to work together for the benefit of the community, not personal agendas.

On racial violence: I saw a video of three black kids mercilessly beating a white child on a bus. When are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton going to show up? When will every major media outfit focus on this? When will the president weigh in on this? You know full well if the situation was reversed, all these would have already happened. It’s a double standard.

On Tiger Woods: He double bogeyed the last hole Thursday at the PGA Tournament. The media wanted to have an interview with him afterward, and he refused the interview. He wants to interview when he can brag about himself. He has about as much class in his professional life as he does his personal life—which is none.

On crosswalk: Why don’t the police make arrests of drivers who do not stop for the flashing lights at the crosswalk on Main Street downtown?

On Sen. Cullen: In The Gazette on Aug. 7, while blowing his own horn again, Cullen said, “I traveled north to talk to the people in that area.” I remember when he traveled south to avoid his responsibilities. Maybe he should stay home and tend to concerns of the people he was voted in to represent.

On child support: I would like to see something on fathers who have children and don’t pay any child support, then take up with some woman who has the same number of kids he does. If you go down to the courthouse and try to find out something about child support, you can’t even find out who the head of the place is.

On bankruptcy: I would like to know if somebody could tell me this: When people file bankruptcy, who ends up paying that debt, and why are they still able to drive new vehicles?

On Studer Group: As the new school year begins, it would be good for Superintendent Karen Schulte to apprise the public of the last several Studer Group results for administrators in the school district. Will teacher scores be published? When were results last made public?

On restrained students: Regarding the front-page article Saturday, I suggest we look at how many child psychiatrists graduate in Wisconsin and also stay to practice here and how many are actually located in the Rock County and Janesville area. Nice article.

On hiring contractors: Over the last few years, I have read about more and more construction jobs being awarded to out-of-Janesville or out-of-state contractors. Doesn’t Janesville have any contractors left that can handle these jobs? City council, can you explain this?

On letters: Regarding Saturday’s Your Views on the Opinion page, “Where will stockpiles of guns for safety end?” and “Do we really need all this government?” and “Technology playing role in societal decay,” three letters in line, and they’re all in agreement. You should have more of that. It was astounding how much I enjoyed that.

On abortion: I’m calling about Sunday’s Sound Off. There’s an error in the statement I made from last week in response to a letter Wednesday. In the United States, there are over 120,000 orphans, not abortions. It makes a little bit of a difference.

On superintendent: Instead of running over to China, Karen Schulte should run over to Franklin School and find out what’s going on with test papers having eraser marks. The chance of this many being done innocently is one out of 10,000. School officials in Georgia and Philadelphia got fired because of wrongdoings on test scores.

On school safety: A new poll shows 62 percent of people would feel safer if their child went to school where at least one adult was armed, while 24 percent said they would not. Why wouldn’t they feel safer with an adult armed to guard children? We use guns to guard our money and politicians. Why would we not guard our most precious thing the same way?

On America: As I approach 80, I fear I will see a second great depression, total collapse of the American family and religious values, complete federal government control of our lives, our Constitution shelved by executive orders, a ban on private guns and our military reduced to a national policing body, all under the control of President Hillary Clinton.

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