Your Views: Obama’s war on coal will hurt industry, all of us

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The United States has dramatically cut carbon dioxide emissions without costly new regulations. According to the International Energy Agency, U.S. emissions are down to 1992 levels, having fallen 7.7 percent since 2006. We are moving in the right direction, while China and India have radically increased emissions.

In Wisconsin, coal provided 63 percent of the state’s electricity generation in 2011. Obama’s Climate Action Plan will drastically change that. Wisconsin electric users will pay heavily in increased electric rates and tax subsidies to the next Solyndra as a result of Obama’s war on coal.

Obama campaigned on an “all of the above” approach for producing energy while we tackle global warming. Unfortunately, his policies will result in coal plants across the country being shut down or never built.

Republican and Democrat lawmakers, coal industry representatives, and union officials across the country are begging Obama to scale back the emissions limits, which will destroy the industry. West Virginia Democratic Joe Manchin said, “They’re using every tool they have to destroy our most abundant, reliable and affordable resource.”

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity said 285 coal-fired generators would be shut down because of Obama’s EPA rules. Obama’s call for doubling renewable electricity generation by 2020 will not come close to replacing the electricity we will lose from eliminating clean coal.

Obama’s abusive overreach by having the Environmental Protection Agency bypass Congress will make electricity unaffordable and scarce while having a negligible impact on the environment.



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