With a little work, fishing is good

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Dave Duwe | August 13, 2013

Geneva Lake 8/12/13 through 8/19/13

Fishing on Lake Geneva continues to be excellent. I have not seen fishing this good in recent years. I am consistently getting double-digit catches of both smallmouth and largemouth bass. The only species that is slower than normal for this time of year is the northern pike, and I'm not sure why.

Smallmouth bass are actively feeding in 21-28 feet of water off the main lake points. Look for hard bottom and scattered weeds. They are aggressively hitting night crawlers and small yellow perch caught in Lake Geneva. Some of the fish I caught were in excess of 20 inches. For fishing the yellow perch, I use a Abu Garcia 6500 with a clicker reel and a lindy rig with a ¾ oz walking sinker and a 1/0 hook. I want to position the bait approximately 2 feet off bottom for the best success. Look for the fish by Gage Marine and by Yerkes Observatory.

Largemouth bass fishing has been very good at Trinkes and in Williams Bay. The best location has been 18-24 feet of water. The best approach has been drop shotting small Yum Houdini worms in green pumpkin color or lindy rigging night crawlers. The early morning bite is the best so get out early for the most success. Some top water success is coming in the areas of the lake with the emergent weeds. The weeds are few and far between, there's a nice patch by the old Military Academy and by Linn Pier. Once you find them, the bass are underneath and are accessible in shallow water.

Bluegills and Pumpkin seeds are ferociously biting right now. The best is 20-21 feet of water. They are aggressively hitting leaf worms fished on a split shot rig. Look for the fish by Elgin Club and the old Military Academy. Some of the bigger fish are coming in excess of 21 feet of water.

Northern pike action has been very slow. Some of the bigger fish are being caught in the Fontana Beach channel. The best depth is 32-33 feet of water. You want to lindy rig medium suckers on a ¾ sinker with a 1/0 hook and a 24-inch leader.

Lake Trout fishing remains excellent. You want to position your bait 70-76 feet down in the main lake basin; anywhere between 108-110 feet of water. Nickel and blue and nickel and green are out producing everything else.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water. For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at (608) 883-2050.


Delavan Lake 8/12/13 through 8/19/13

Although my daily report numbers look great, fishing has been a bit tougher in the past week for most anglers. The largemouth bass are in really tight schools and if you don't get on a school of fish, you'll have a long day. The bluegill fishing has moved from the weed line into the main lake basin, which makes them slightly harder to catch but they are still very active.

Bluegill fishing has been best in 30 feet of water by the island, west of Willow Point and by Assembly Park. They are aggressively hitting small leaf worms fished beneath and anchored boat. This pattern will remain consistent for the next few weeks. The only thing to consider is that you'll be fishing 20 feet away from other boats.

Largemouth bass remain in tight schools. They are associating with hard bottom and scattered weeds in the 12- to 15-foot depth range. This is the time of year they are aggressively hitting medium suckers fished beneath the Thill big fish bobber. Look for the fish west of the Oriental boat house, by the Yacht Club and by the Village Supper Club.

Northern pike action has been very slow. The biggest pike I caught last week was on a night crawler fished on a split shot rig. There are quite a few being caught in the 18- to 20-foot depth range. The best location has been just west of the Yacht Club and by Browns Channel.

Crappie fishing has moved to the mid-summer pattern. The crappies are suspending over the main lake basin 10 feet down in 30-40 feet of water. A good fish finder is essential to finding the fish. The best location has been by the concrete point or by Willow Point. You want to throw a 1/32-oz. jig with a purple or chartreuse plastic.

Walleye fishing has been rather slow due to the warmer temperatures. Most of the action has come off of lindy rigged leeches in 22-24 ft of water. Another option is the chrome and blue jigging Rapala that would normally be used for ice fishing.  It does work in summer with great effectiveness.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water. For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at (608) 883-2050.

Daily Reports

8/10/13 - Geneva Lake, 80 degrees, light winds, water temp 76 degrees.  Caught 18 smallmouth and three largemouth and a whole bunch of pan fish for a whole day trip. Most of the action came on split shot rigged night crawlers in 24-28 feet of water. We did catch one monster 22-inch smallmouth on a lindy rigged perch near Yerkes Observatory.

8/9/13 - p.m. - Delavan Lake, 80 degrees, winds W at 15 mph. Water temp 76 degrees. Caught five largemouth and a handful of pan fish. I had a two-hour trip on a pontoon without a trolling motor or any electronics. The fish were caught on the outside of the weed edge on the west end of the lake.

8/9/13 - a.m. - Geneva  Lake, 70 degrees, winds out of the SW at 10 mph.  Water temp 75 degrees. Caught 11 smallmouth, one legal. The best depth was 28 feet of water. The fish were caught by Yerkes Observatory. I did clean about 15 pan fish, all were bluegills and pumpkin seeds.

8/8/13 - Delavan Lake, sunny, 75 degrees, winds out of the east at 10 mph.  Water temp 75 degrees. Caught one walleye, one northern pike and 25 largemouth and a few bluegills. The best approach was a split shot rigged night crawler and slip bobber medium suckers in 8-12 feet of water. The fish were in tight schools, so once you found the fish, you caught a bunch.

8/7/13 - Geneva Lake, 70 degrees and sunny, SW winds at 10 mph. Water temp 75 degrees. Caught 30 smallmouth bass all day and two largemouth and many pan fish and rock bass. The best approach was a split shot and a night crawler fished in 25-28 feet of water. The best location was by Yerkes Observatory and Black Point.

8/6/13 - Delavan Lake, hazy sunshine, 78 degrees, SW winds at 10 mph. Water temp 74 degrees. Caught 15 largemouth, six were over 5 lbs. The best approach was medium suckers fished under a Thill Big Fish slip bobber in 10-12 feet of water. The fish were in isolated spots, we fished many areas to catch our fish but most were in one small area near the Oriental boathouse.

8/5/13 - Geneva Lake, cloudy, 74 degrees, SW winds at 15 mph. Water temp 74 degrees. Caught between 22 and 30 smallmouth bass. The best approach was night crawlers fished on a lindy rig or lindy rigging small yellow perch. The best locations were main lake points, especially Black Point.


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