Two to join city manager advisory committee

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Frank Schultz
Tuesday, August 13, 2013

JANESVILLE—Two more people will join an advisory committee that will interview candidates for Janesville city manager next week, the city council decided Monday night.

The council voted to accept two names, one each submitted by council members Sam Liebert and DuWayne Severson. Those names were to be submitted within 24 hours, so they should be available to the public by tonight.

Council President Kathy Voskuil had named an 11-member committee, but then Liebert and Severson objected, saying they wanted a more diverse committee.

“I felt a little shut out of the process,” Liebert said.

Neither Liebert nor Severson revealed whom they wanted to appoint. Liebert said he had spoken to several people who might be interested.

Other members could have but did not ask to add members.

Voskuil abstained from the votes. Opposing the additions were Matt Kealy and Doug Marklein, saying the committee would be too big if every council member made an appointment, and the committee members would have little time to interview the candidates.

No one objected to the original members of the committee: Kay Deupree, representing neighborhoods; Mark Bush, chairman of Data Dimensions; Lisa Furseth, executive director of Community Action; David Cullen, CEO of JP Cullen & Sons; Ed Madere, retired city manager; Steve Kennedy, vice president of Rock Road; Dave Riemer, owner of Harris Ace Hardware; Joe Pregont, president and CEO of Prent; Larry Squire, regional president of Johnson Bank; Kristin Fillhouer, assistant dean at UW-Rock County; and Jeff Helgesen, president of Helgesen Development.

Kealy said after the vote that he was surprised the names of the two additional members were not given Monday, and that's why he voted “no.”

The council meets tonight in closed session to discuss the city manager applicants and likely will chose a number of finalists. Those names are expected to be made public once it is confirmed the candidates remain interested in the job.

The finalists are scheduled to come to town Thursday, Aug. 22, when they will meet with city department heads and city employee union leaders and attend a reception.

The ad hoc advisory committee is scheduled to interview the candidates Friday, Aug. 23, at City Hall. The council also will interview them, but in closed session.

The council could decide Friday night whether or not to narrow the field to two candidates, whom they would interview again in closed session, on Saturday, Aug. 24.

The council could make its final decision as soon as Saturday, although it also could decide to continue the process or seek other candidates.

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