Ryan on right track in immigration reform

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Those opposed to immigration reform should get educated on Paul Ryan’s efforts to reform our broken immigration system before criticizing Ryan.

Eleven million undocumented immigrants living in the United States lack legal status. At the same time, immigrants who attempt to come to this country by legal means find themselves wrapped up in endless paperwork and bureaucracy.

Ryan is working on a House bill that ensures an immigration system that upholds the rule of law and helps our economy grow. Ryan won’t take up the Senate bill in the House. Instead, he’s putting together proposals that will make our immigration system more accountable, efficient and effective.

Most people agree we need to secure the border to have a secure country, and this is Ryan’s first priority. We need a greater presence on the border, and we have to give law enforcement the tools they need to enforce the law. We need operational control of the border (stopping 90 percent of illegal border crossings), certified by an independent third party.

Ryan wants to encourage legal immigration with a guest-worker program that meets the needs of our economy, while attracting the best and brightest workers to our shores. He wants no one to work here without legal status.

Ryan believes we need to give undocumented immigrants a chance to get right with the law and be fair to already law-abiding immigrants that are committed to America.

We must secure our borders first, enforce laws and fix our immigration system.



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