Janesville police getting reports of mail theft

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Neil Johnson
Friday, August 9, 2013

JANESVILLE—Police are cautioning residents on the northeast side to watch what type of outgoing mail they put in their mailboxes after a rash of mail thefts early Thursday.

According to Janesville Police Department reports, seven residents on the city's northeast side reported someone stealing outgoing mail from their residential mailboxes between 6 a.m. and noon Thursday morning, before a U.S. Mail carrier could pick it up.

Police say one woman in the 2000 block of Ontario Drive told police someone driving a silver car with a loud muffler stopped at her mailbox Thursday morning and took outgoing mail from it.

Stealing mail is a federal crime.

Police are cautioning residents to be careful about what they put in their outgoing mail. One Janesville police official said anyone mailing cash, checks, rented videos or anything valuable should consider dropping the mail off at post office or a secured, locked U.S. Mail box.          

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