Roundy's to offer locally grown produce

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Staff | August 7, 2013


MILWAUKEE—Starting this week, Roundy's, Inc., a leading grocer in the Midwest, is partnering with the Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative to offer locally grown produce in all its Copps, Pick 'n Save and Metro Market stores, according to a news release from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

A Pick 'n Save store is located at 1008 Milwaukee Ave., in Burlington.

In addition to offering locally grown produce, including--fruits and vegetables, all harvested within Wisconsin--Roundy's will post pictures of the local farmers, information on each farm, its location and history in three places -- on the web, within stores and in print ads. 

According to the release, WFHC gives local small family farms the opportunity to sell their produce to large retailers, like Roundy's, by transporting the crops to different locations around the state. The arrangement also helps money flow back into Wisconsin's own economy, rather than importing produce from other parts of the country. The Roundy's partnership represents WFHC's first ever with a grocer.

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