Sound Off for Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

On tobacco story: I'm so thrilled to know that the plant that has taken so many lives, perhaps in the millions, is such a beautiful thing to see (Page 1A, Friday). What next on your front page? Will it be suicide bombers as a good occupation? Let's get with it.

-- Why are you featuring that Edgerton tobacco farm when we're trying to get people to give up tobacco?

On foreign affairs: Charles Krauthammer seems to fail to realize there's middle ground between protecting your interests and sticking your nose into every thing on the planet (Page 4A, Friday). We should never have gotten involved in Serbia under Clinton, Iraq under Bush or Libya under Obama. When shipping lanes are closed, our military needs to deal with that.

On voucher schooling: As a concerned parent, I am glad to see a voucher school coming to Janesville (Page 3A, Friday). They focus on the children getting a good education and not the teachers getting big pensions.

-- Scott Walker is trying to eliminate public schools entirely. Given a chance, he will have state government run the schools. No way should taxpayers have to help pay for private schools. If you want a private school, pay for it yourself. Handouts are getting tiresome.

On embassies: Susan Rice messed up on the Benghazi deal, so now President Obama has her making statements telling the enemy we're closing 22 of our embassies and for how long. It's like giving al-Qaida the playbook on when to attack us. What a boneheaded move.

On transparency: Janesville Superintendent Schulte continues the pattern of sharing controversial information only when pushed. The Gazette of Aug. 3 reports on her reluctance to provide the full story on how her China trips are funded. Thank you, Commissioner Murray, for helping expose this information. This ties with her reluctance to discuss her endorsement of Mercy Hospital in a forthcoming manner.

On dog shooting: I am appalled that this man was not charged for shooting these animals. If the dogs had sincerely wanted to attack him as he claimed, he never would have made it to his garage. People need to get over the fact that pit bulls are a threat. It's not the breed of dog; it's how they were raised.

-- That gentleman certainly was in the right to shoot those animals. I'd like to know why the police department didn't fine those owners for letting two dogs run loose.

On ice company: Ice is ice when you purchase it and sell it to a customer, but what made the City Ice Co. was Earl Schultz. He was fantastic person; he knew every customer. The new ice company still produces a great deal of ice, but it was the man behind the ice. We miss Earl quite a bit.

On deer crash: Saturday's Your Views includes a letter from somebody who saw a mother deer and fawn crossing the street and a car hit the fawn. The people behind it had to stay and watch the police shoot the fawn. I want whoever hit the fawn to know that God is a good God, but he's also a God of wrath.

On politics at events: A Sound Off caller on Page 6A Sunday wants to prevent politics from showing at the Rock County 4-H Fair and Labor Day Parade because he/she is tired of seeing it. Politics at events are ways to help us know our voting candidates. They are important if you bother to look and listen rather than just voting the party as you have always done.

On grandparents: Many grandparents would love to baby-sit their grandchildren daily (Page 1A, July 29) and can't because of health issues or they are working themselves. If you're one who uses the excuse that grandparents make everything too easy for parents by living through their grandchildren, I feel sorry for you. It takes everyone involved to make it work.

On city committee: This is in regard to the city manager's selection committee put together by Kathy Voskuil. Where is the representation on that committee for the working man?

On sports pages: Your sports pages are all about the Packers and Brewers. Everybody isn't a Packers and Brewers fan. You used to have short articles on all Major League Baseball games. We need somebody to oversee what is going on in that department.

On 4-H fair: Having recently been at the Jefferson County Fair and the Walworth swap meet, the fairgrounds are so spacious and airy and have plenty of parking. I'm wondering why the Rock County 4-H Fair, which outgrew the area years ago, does not come up with a bigger area to have the fair in.

-- The money spent on stupid and worthless things, why can't the county have a decent fairgrounds? I drove around for 1 hours, parked on Randall Avenue, and two days later I find a $30 ticket on my windshield. It costs a lot of money to take six grandchildren to the fair, $25 alone just for their bracelets to ride, and then there's food and drinks.

On vendors: There are vendors throughout the U.S. They cause no problems. Some people are afraid of competition. Isn't this supposed to be the land of the free?

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